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Valve Assemblies

PPC concentric ring, ported-plate, channel valve, damping plate design and poppet valves are replicated to meet or exceed OEM specifications. Valves and parts are available for all types of compression commonly used on our industry. PPC seats and guards are manufactured from Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, 1141 Carbon Steel, 4140 Alloy Steel, 416 Stainless Steel and other exotic materials upon request.

Poppet Valves commonly in the gas transmission industry. Using poppets instead of plates they offer the ability to maintain a high lift thus creating more gas flow through the valve.

Poppet Valves scaled
Addition scaled

In addition to the above valves, PPC can also redesign or re-engineer compressor valves when conditions favor such a change.

Channel Valves use channels and elongated springs to coordinate the flow through the valves. Channels sit on a seat plate and are guided by channel valve guides to stimulate the flow of the valve.

Concentric Ring (Disc) Valves are the most common and basic valve design. Individual rings float on top of springs and are displaced by the pressure flow through the seat and guard.
Port-Plate Valves are rings made with larger ports to perform the same function as above. Two or more rings create a coordinated flow through the seat and guard.
Damping Plate Valve are designed to use a ported plate with the use of damping plates. The damping plate helps to deter the force upon which the plates is moving up and down within the assembly and helps retard the erosion on the seat or guard from within.

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