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Ring, Ported, Seat, and Damping

Plates normally require a higher frequency of maintenance than other compressor parts. PPC offers a complete line of ring plates, ported plates, seat plates and damping plates for the various OEM compressors.

PPC can also provide these items in various materials depending on the applications. The following are the most common materials we provide:

Metal 410 S.S.The standard of the valve plate industry it is less corrosion resistant than 17-1 Ph S.S. Excellent forthoughness and hardness.
Metal 17-7 Ph.S.S.A patented "superalloy" stainless steel that combines strength, hardness, and elastic properties of the head spring steel with the hardness and corrosion resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steel.
Thermoplastics MP-58Glass-Modified, Heat stabilized Nylon, High Strength, Good Corrosion resistance , and Temperature not to exceed 250°
Thermoplastics MP-MTMid Temurature Nylon, High Strength good for Mid range tempuratures whose best range is between 150° and 285° degrees.
Thermoplastics MP-PeekGlass filled peek®, Used where high strenght to weight ratio is needed with continuous operatration between 285°-480° max temps.

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