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When Phillip Rummell began working in the compressor parts in 1968, he started as a shipping clerk for Replacement Parts Company in Pearland, TX.

Following his graduation from the University of Houston Phillip moved up to become president of RPC. After 20 years Phillip left to start his own reciprocating compressor part manufacturing company. Productioneerd Parts Corporation was established to provide an array of compressor parts for the refining, gas processing, and gas industries. PPC’s goal was to provide competitive prices, quality, and timely deliveries.

PPC began manufacturing Compressor valves (ring plates and ported plates) Over time PPC Began manufacturing (seats, guards, rods, rod packing; pistons, and piston rings) The parts we fabricate can be replications of OEM parts.

From its beginning in 1983-Present as a one-man operation, PPC moved on to employ 25 people in its well-equipped 20,000 sq. ft. facility in Spring, TX.